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Study in Ireland with Boomerang International Educational Services!

Welcome to Boomerang International Educational Services, your gateway to pursuing top-notch education in Ireland! Explore our diverse range of popular courses and unlock exciting opportunities for post-study work in a country known for its high-quality education system and beautiful landscapes.

Key Facts

  • Single Entry:
    70 Euros
  • Multiple Entries:
    100 Euros 
  • Transit:
    25 Euros
  • 10000 Euros per year
  • Diploma
  • Bachelor
  • Master

Popular Courses

Choose from a variety of sought-after courses that cater to your academic and career aspirations :

Post-Study Work Opportunities

Degree Programme students meeting the following criteria are permitted to engage in casual employment:

Students must also comply with Universal Social Contribution, Pay Related Social Insurance, employment laws, and taxation requirements. Casual employment entails a maximum of 20 hours part-time work per week during the academic semester or full-time work (up to 40 hours per week) during normal college holiday periods.

Document Requirements

Prepare your documents meticulously for a seamless application process :

Additional Documentation for Under 18 Students:

Application Process

Submit all required documents

Await processing and clearance, especially for under 18 students

No entitlement for family members to join the student in Ireland.

Processing Time

Visa processing times depend on the country and the specific visa office, embassy, or consulate. These times may also fluctuate during peak periods throughout the year. Typically, you can expect a decision within 8 weeks from the date you submit your application.

Embark on your educational journey with Boomerang International Educational Service—where excellence meets opportunity. Explore, learn, and thrive in the vibrant academic landscape of Ireland!